Innovative, compassion-focused solutions for workers recovering from injury

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Our Goal:

To build innovative and useful resources that help workers with injury embrace a compassionate mindset to face the challenges ahead with insight, courage and commitment

Why compassion?

Compassion-focused approaches offer a new way to think about supporting mental health and wellbeing.

These approaches focus on the emotions and motivations that drive us, based on a long scientific history of cognitive, developmental and neuroscience research in psychology.

Research shows that compassion-focused approaches can lead to less worry and anxiety; improved wellbeing; more positive behaviours; and stronger relationships.


Our team.

We are a team of researchers and clinicians dedicated to building a more compassionate society.

Dr Jamin Day

University of Newcastle, Australia

Dr James Kirby

University of Queensland, Australia

Dr Margaret Freestone

University of Newcastle, Australia

Prof Alan Hayes

University of Newcastle, Australia

Prof Paul Gilbert

Centre for Compassion Research and Training
University of Derby, UK

WorkUp - An initiative of the icare foundation

icare Foundation’s WorkUp fund is a $5 million investment in innovations that support injured workers overcome complex barriers to return to work.

Eight organisations make up the WorkUp fund: CoAct, Happy Paws Happy Hearts, University of Newcastle, Uprise, WithYouWithMe, Primary and Community Care Services, Rumpus and Settlement Services International.

Together we’re co-creating solutions to help support work-readiness for injured workers.


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We're hard at work engaging with workers as we continue to develop new programs and resources, with testing planned for early 2020
If you would like more information, get in touch using the contact details below
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